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About Us

Warwickshire Oil Supplies is a well established business based in Coventry. As a company we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and help improve the smooth running of business. All of our products are a very high quality and also our services are carried out at a high standard to match.



As well as simply supplying and delivering products, we offer a number of services to support your business… Please see below for some examples.

Bulk Transport – When purchasing a large quantity of any item, allow us to arrange and manage the bulk delivery, to ensure a smooth process from the transportation of the goods, to the unloading at your desired site. We can work to your availability and convenience while ensuring any approaching deadlines are met.

Health & Safety – Regulations change regularly making it difficult to keep on top of everything… Allow us to work with you and your business to update any documentation or advise on the requirements when working with your new products, or while completing services on machinery. We complete all the required risk assessments and paperwork, so you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of.

Substance Analysis – We are able to send off samples for lab analysis of substances you may come across. Whether needing to confirm the substance or find its contents, we can organise and manage the whole process from taking samples, to returning results.

Waste Transport/Disposal – We are a registered waste handler and complete all required paperwork for the transport and disposal of waste substances and products. We provide peace of mind knowing that waste will be disposed of to meet all regulations, and have all paperwork completed and provided for your records.

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